Terms & Conditions


  • Requisition for booking will be made by the Organization/Association, and on the enclosed booking form.
  • Stall-Holders/Exhibitors will provide an Undertaking assuming full responsibility for any damage to installations and the property while in use.
  • Setup / Dismantling days are provided in package, free of charge, stating 5 days for 1 month exhibition.
  • Minimum licensed area is defined as one stall of 10″ X 10″.
  • Stall holders are subject to necessarily submit their NIC, NTN Number, and Chamber of Commerce registration certificate.
  • GBC reserves the right to accept or reject the request on the basis of criteria and policy on the subject.


  • Rates of stall fee for raw space inside the stalls are inclusive of electricity, air conditioning and janitorial services. Only security for premises is available.
  • 100% of stall fee will be paid through Pay Order in favor of “Gujranwala Business Centre” at the time of stall booking..
  • In case of booking cancellation, 10% of the stall fee will be deducted in term of Admin Expenses.
  • In case of force majeure, conditions which include natural calamity, any weather distortion including heavy rains, floods or etc, the management would not be liable to pay any damages/compensation or adjust/refund the rental amount.
  • In case of any law& order situation, strikes, riots, if the event is postponed or canceled, the management is not liable to refund or adjust the rental amount.


  • For co-ordination with GBC Management, the Stall-Holders/Exhibitors will furnish one week in advance, the name(s) of person(s), with whom the process of handing / taking over will take place.
  • Before taking over the premises, Stall-Holders/Exhibitors will submit and get approved complete work plan, providing details of activities/works to be carried out before/during the event.
  • Timings of ‘Event’ should not go beyond 5.00 P.M. and not more than 8 hours in a day.
  • Drilling, nailing or use of any sticking material, which may damage the building, or stalls either by Stall-Holders/Exhibitors, is not allowed. Use of Fire Burner / Gas Cylinder in side the Halls/Complex is strictly prohibited.Following activities/practices are strictly forbidden in the Centre:
    • Illegal and immoral activities
    • Formation of any association /union within the premises is strictly prohibited.
    • Unnecessary noise or disturbance causing problems for other tenants or spoiling the general environment of the Centre.
    • Any other activity which could spoil the environment of the Centre or bring a bad name to it or is not permissible according to general social norms.
  • Cubicles are not meant to be used as sales outlets for products/commodities.
  • Tenants can bring their children below 12 years of age in the Centre, however they will be personally responsible for the children’s safety and security and will ensure that no damage is done to the property or atmosphere of the Centre.
  • Parking will be at owner’s risk. GBC will take no responsibility in this regard.
  • Use of sub-standard stands and decoration tables/sub-standard counters in the stalls are not allowed and are subject to penalty. Furniture for stall would be granted by GBC, any additional furniture would be granted by the approval of GBC management.
  • In case of any conflict, the case/matter will be referred to Project Director for final approval.
  • Any violation of Terms & Conditions by the Stall-Holders/Exhibitors attracts penalties.


  • Electricity connections (single phase) are provided on the floor and up to the pillar sockets. Further requirement of load/extensions of cable/lights will be the responsibility of Stall-Holders/Exhibitors. But the load shall be checked with the building manager/site in-charge before any change is made.
  • Cabling and other arrangements will however, be the responsibility of Stall-Holders/Exhibitors, subject to prior approval of GBC Management.
  • Any short-circuit/damage, due to mishandling / un authorized use by the Stall-Holders/Exhibitors, will be the responsibility of Stall-Holders/Exhibitors.
  • In case of electricity failure, stand-by generator of 250 KVA is being provided.
  • In case of sudden electricity failure or severe jerks / voltage changes from the GEPCO, GBC Management will not be responsible for any damage /loss to the equipments / material of the organizer or any of their Stall-Holder/Exhibitor.


GBC will provide following services/ facilities to the stall holders/exhibitors free of charge:

  • Office Furniture
  • Electricity
  • Janitorial staff
  • Internet facility
  • Meeting room with prior intimation to Project Director GBC
  • Local telephone calls
  • Secure Environment