CEO’s Message

Creation of a strong and dynamic industrial sector in Pakistan is one of the most important goals of the present government, Industrial Sectors contribute to development in multiple ways; viz, creating employment and providing much needed flexibility and innovation in the economy as a whole, and it also serves as a ‘nursery’ for nurturing the entrepreneurial talent which is “sine qua non” for a solid industrial base.

Gujranwala is an expanding industrial and commercial centre with main concentration of export oriented enterprises and vital contribution as import substitution. Growing industrial clusters of Gujranwala include: ceramics tiles, sanitary wares, sanitary fittings, utensils, industrial machinery, fan manufacturing, motor industry, washing machines, electric goods, woollen textile,’ rice mills, vegetable oil mills, melamine utensils, cutlery, kitchen ware, and steel & PPRC pipe industries.

However, the weak infrastructure and transportation facilities deny the local business adequate opportunity to interface with the international business community. Normally production facilities are located at inconvenient places discouraging access to the international buyer. Lack of awareness on the part of local entrepreneurs about international requirements is another handicap.

Product’s placement strategies play an important role in the modern business trends. This entails displaying of the products at strategically placed locations enabling eye catching of the customer. It’s all about making customer aware about the details of the product and convincing him/her that the product translates into his/her needs.

Marketing today has undergone a considerable transformation. Traditional marketing tools have gone redundant. The concept of Business Centres has emerged as one of the modern marketing tools, as is being practised by the advance industrial countries. Apart from product display the Business Centres provide a venue for business meetings, facilitate business to business.