Gujranwala & Its Industries

Gujranwala an industrial city of Punjab, Pakistan is located at 32.16° North, 74.18° East and is 226 meters (744 feet) above sea-level. Gujranwala is the seventh largest city of Pakistan & city’s population is over 3.45 million people.

Gujranwala is playing a major role to support the economy of Pakistan. It has gained popularity for it’s small and medium entrepreneurs; approximately 6500 SME’s and 25000 Cottage industry of diverse nature is working for bringing up-ward changes in economy.

Being an industrial city, it has variety of manufacturers in industrial machinery, fan industry, motor pumps industry, washing machine industry, electric goods, poultry feed, soap, ball point, rubber tube, metal utensils, melamine utensils, cutlery, kitchen ware, ceramics tiles, sanitary wares, sanitary fittings, agriculture implements, woolen textiles and steel pipe industries etc.