1. To act as a platform for displaying variety of products of Gujranwala Industry to attract local and international buyers.
  2. To help the businessmen to find new markets, identification of weaker links in their products presentation to promote their local and export business.
  3. To provide facilitation and space for conducting one to one meetings for local and international buyers, sellers, vendors and delegations.
  4. To provide business information and business development resources for business counselling, networking liaising, management, technology support, ADR support through hiring experts/consultants/professionals.
  5. To provide space and facilities to the business community for product display, product marketing and exhibitors or any other activity to promote local business.
  6. To facilitate in increasing exposure of local business community to international business trends and to enhance ability to benchmark with the contemporary product standards, besides general compliance with international trade regulatory regime.
  7. To provide / facilitate incubation facilities for a new breed of entrepreneurs to establish an independent business.
  8. To arrange and conduct capacity building programs including training programs/ seminars / workshops for entrepreneurs to build their capacities for starting and managing businesses.