rice20irrigationAgriculture has an important direct and indirect role in generating economic growth. The importance of agriculture to the economy is seen in three ways: first, it provides food to consumers and fibers for domestic industry; second, it is a source of scarce foreign exchange earnings; and third, it provides a market for industrial goods.

The following crops are grown in Pakistan; Rice, Maize, Rapeseed, Soya bean, Millet Fodder, Wheat, Sugarcane and Sesame etc. Gujranwala is a well known due to its agricultural implements along with wheat and rice growing. The rural areas around Gujranwala produce a large variety of agricultural goods; the main crops are wheat, rice, potatoes, barley and pearl millet. Gujranwala is potentially manufacturing agriculture implements, such as blade, grin bow parts, cutters etc. This sectors turn around as a huge import substitutes for the country.