Services & Facilities @ GBC

Display Stallsgbc-services

GBC has the capacity of approximately 130 stalls of 10’X10’ size available to the manufacturer of the Gujranwala to present and promote their products both locally and internationally. All the floors are air conditioned with non stop electricity supply.

Marketing Rooms

This is more like a conference cum meeting rooms along with two negotiation rooms which will serve for the meeting requirements not only for the entrepreneurs who want to arrange product introduction seminars or arrange a meeting with customers but also negotiate the business deal with free of cost marketing services of GBC staff.

Business & Marketing Centrenew-3

As the name depicts, it is be purely a marketing oriented effort by GBC where entrepreneurs can sit and talk to their customers by using internet facilities. As this centre is connected with display hall, if any customer likes to know more about any product, he/she can get product specific knowledge by talking one to one with marketing representative of the company. GBC staff would always be there to help the entrepreneurs and this service would be totally free of charge again.

Marketing Services

GBC’s Marketing Department is providing marketing services to the entrepreneurs. Arranging introductory seminars, printing product portfolio bulletins and circulating them on national and international level would promote the products which are being displayed at Business Center. Identifying new markets for the entrepreneurs will be another aspect of this department which would open new doors of opportunities. GBC staff provides their expertise to reach out to these markets and explore them.

Communications & IT Facilities

Looking at the needs of a display facility where so many companies will be working at the same time for the sake of their marketing and selling needs. They should be provided with a flawless and effective communication system. Free of cost internet, telephone & fax facilities are provided to the tenants as a package.


GBC maintain library and multimedia service. Library is maintained in a very professional way with the up-dated material on regular basis, so that the users can access the latest all around the world. Library covers documents related to import and export policies, tariffs and other knowledge pertaining to trading, latest business newspapers, company introductions, portfolios, magazines can be helpful in learning the business environment.

Research & Development Servicesnew-4

Gujranwala Business Centre with collaboration of R &D Cell, Gujranwala Chamber Of Commerce and Industry is playing its key role in the generation and dissemination of information regarding the industry of Gujranwala for Local & national producers, industrial owners or associations and international investors & agencies.

R &D Cell is conducting comprehensive research studies regarding cluster development in Gujranwala which is a important factor in industrial development to highlight the current industry situation. R & D is engaged to explore new markets and suppliers internationally for the industry of Gujranwala and also maintaining a database of different sectors such as sector’s profiling, capacity, current usage of technology, current markets etc so that new trends of marketing and up gradation of technology can be used.

R & D is organizing different seminars and training workshops related to industry, trade and Commerce for small and medium enterprisescafeteria to enhance their technical, marketing and management skills, supply chain and accountancy etc. These kinds of training workshops are also helpful to create awareness among the industrialists, traders, manufacturers regarding the current industry problems and their solutions towards the betterment of Gujranwala Industry.


This is a refreshment place for the visitors and tenants. GBC will ensure high quality food so that visitors don’t feel any problem due to food quality and relish their visit. It will leave a good impression on their minds with very flexible and low tariff.