GBC is a company registered under Section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984 established with the aim to provide a promotional and shared display facility for the industry of Gujranwala especially small and medium entrepreneurs.

Gujranwala Business Centre is a platform which provides those facilities which promote industrial development and help entrepreneur to get more exposure for business expansion. Looking at the present scenario of the Gujranwala industry, it is evident that due to limited knowledge and exposure, Gujranwala huge industrial potential is still not properly exploited. The Business Center is playing a pivotal role to untap this hidden potential of Gujranwala Industry. The centre is an excellent facility for those businessmen who cannot sell their products because of unavailability of resources for proper marketing. They will also get a chance to present their products at a very reasonable expense. In addition skilled team of the GBC will help them to learn and adopt new communication technology.

As this center is connected with display halls, if any customer likes to know more about any product, he/she can get product specific knowledge by talking one to one with marketing representative of the respective company. GBC is providing an opportunity to learn about product design, markets and marketing skills.